We innovate develop and deliver

We are a technology and consulting firm

that develops and operates individual product innovations and software

systems to help companies achieve their digital transformation goals.

We innovate develop and deliver

Products as a Service

From Idea to Innovation

We are specialized in delivering all aspects of a product development process as well as helping companies with the digital transformation.
Our offering is tailored around your needs: It can include idea generation, definition, development, testing, rollout, operations, etc. or all of it from start to end.

Our products
We innovate develop and deliver


mastering current and future requirements

Whether we proactively support you during market analysis, compliance, feasibility studies, or simply the visualization of your ideas: We help you to transform every challenge ahead into an opportunity for growth.

We innovate develop and deliver

Software development

Individual software solutions, manufactured to your requirements

We are experts in a variety of technologies that we use in our unique agile development process to deliver the software you need.
Regardless if it’s web-based or device-based software: It is built secure-and-compliant-by-design, thoroughly tested through rigorous quality assurance processes and detailed documentation.

Software development
We innovate develop and deliver

App Development

Innovations running on smartphones and tablets

We build state-of-the-art native or cross-platform apps for all operating systems (such as Android and iOS) and distribute them through the app stores.
All apps take advantage of our unique, externally audited modular architecture, which provides a strong security infrastructure as well as a set of useful app management features.

App development
We innovate develop and deliver

Hosting & Operations

On-premise or in a dedicated secure cloud

We offer you the choice of either operating the software on your servers, or you can take advantage of our professional hosting services.
Depending on your requirements, we can provide dedicated hardware, in modern and secure data centers around the globe: Professionally managed, externally audited, and available 24/7, with an individual and dedicated customer support.

Projects Make your own picture


Make your own picture

We understand that no two projects are alike and despite how much text we write on our website, chances are high, that we are not including a solution to your individual requirement.
That is why we have picked a selection of our project portfolio to give you a better picture of what we can do.

References This is what our customers say


This is what our customers say

"During the entire project, get it live was outstandingly proactive, extremely target and solution-oriented, and worked with us as an internal team member. The project was delivered way ahead of schedule and below budget. We would always recommend get it live."

Projects Make your own picture

Award winning services

Beyond our customer feedback

Our company has become an externally recognized award-winning company by industry experts and not by accident. It is because of our passion, hard work, fantastic customer service, and customer loyalty that we have been able to achieve this goal.